Speciaity inks were developed for printing on 100% cotton. Therefore, to ensure a successful print, it is important to understand the unique characteristics of each ink. When deciding on which ink to use, talk to our customer service team to understand the limitations of some of the specialty inks. The main three considerations are: the heat to dry the ink; the durability; and the detail required.*
Liven up colors with a high gloss / wet-glass effect or apply directly for a cool tone-on-tone.
Min: 144 pcs. LEATHER Designers can create an authentic leather look on lettering or a cut patch.
Min: 144 pcs
The sparkle in the ink produces an irridescent gold sparkle for a rich looking "fine bling".
Min: 72 pcs PATCH This shows a realistic print on a high density leather patch with cut-out stitching.
Min: 144 pcs
Super shiny elegant look from applying colored foil transfers to all or part of a print.
Min: 24 pcs LENTICULAR Used to show a 3D or animation. (Different colors are raised to different heights.)
Min: 144 pcs
Glow in the Dark ink, a popular specialty ink, glows a very light green. Color hues can be added.
Min: 72 pcs LIQUID METAL This PG original is a rich creamy metallic gel ink: resembling molten metal.
Min 72 pcs
Attract attention through creating a raised 3D look, holding sharp lines, with good detail.
Min: 144 pcs METALLIC In Gold or Silver, other colors may be printed. This result is an attractive sheen.
Min: 24 pcs

*Speciality ink and fabric limitation:


Polyester is not suitable for high temperature required to dry the links.


Lightweight fabric or stretch material will cause some ink or foil to crack.


Some fabric dye will unpredictably migrate into light colored inks.


Most specialty inks significantly deteriorate when washing and dry cleaning or ironing is not recommended.


Bright neon colors are pure fun. Highlight text and images for an attention getter.
Min: 24 pcs This reflects well in certain light. This is available in Silver.
Min: 72 pcs This process gives prints the look and feel of real suede leather.
Min: 72 pcs Very soft to touch with virtually no ink feel this is gaining in popularity.
Min: 72 pcs Rhinestone is the ulitmate "GLAM" factor when


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